Tali's Crab Shack vs. Capt. Crab's Takeaway: Miami Gardens Crab-Off

All photos by Zachary Fagenson
Inside Capt. Crabs is where you want to be.
The crab-off brewing on Miami Gardens Drive ended before it began. We decided to check out two dueling crab restaurants -- Tali's Crab Shack and Capt. Crab's Takeaway -- but when it came to the crab, it wasn't much of a contest.

It was obvious why after the first step inside Tali's Crab Shack. There it was, right out in the open; a stainless steel microwave. The crew took no shame in pulling pre-cooked crab out of a refrigerated case and reheating it for a couple of minutes. Don't worry about taking a number, you'll know your food is ready when you hear the beep.

Inside Tali's Crab Shack. We spared you the microwave shot.
Nikolai and Vitalij Sokol opened the takeaway joint just west of 37th Avenue in April 2012. The couple sold off three similarly named restaurants in Jacksonville and took a year off before moving to Miami.

A glut of crab shacks in north Florida prompted them to "come down and introduce Miami to how garlic crab needs to be cooked," said Nikolai, who goes by Nick for short.

About a mile away, near 47th Avenue is Capt. Crab's Takeaway. It's been a Miami Gardens mainstay for more than a decade. At lunch the drive-through line wrapped around the grey, Tudor-style building.

The focus at both was obviously crab, but not Stone Crab or the buffet-favorite Snow or King varieties. It's Blue Crab. Alive they have brown-green shells and claws that all turn blue toward the tips. The crabs are caught up and down the east coast, and are especially abundant in the northeast, off the coast of northern Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Standard preparation is simple: Crab, garlic, parsley, something spicy and maybe butter.

Location Info

Capt Crab's Take-Away

4775 NW 183rd St., Miami Gardens, FL

Category: Restaurant

Tali's Crab Shack

3606 NW 183rd St., Miami Gardens, FL

Category: Restaurant

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jerry.katz like.author.displayName 1 Like

The writer is an amateur and doesn't know what he's talking about. He obviously didn't have enough brain to come up with something interesting to write about and came up with the topic in the last hour to present to his boss. After spending literally no more than 5 minutes in each place he decided and he's knowledgeable enough to compare the places. Slight quick research was done to check the name of the owners on sunbiz, couple of pictures of the food and places and this is where it ends. No time was spent to actually get to know the places. Zach, you're a douche for doing this kind of a cheap job.

Tali's is the best thing that happened to the neighborhood in the last year. Friendly and funny personnel, personal touch. They always ask how spicy you want the food. Suggestions are always welcome - as a matter of fact they have several dishes that were created purely by customer suggestions and very successful at the moment. When you come to Tali's you always see similar faces, people come there regularly, they love the food. In comparison, Captain's is an ordinary corporate joint where personnel does not give a flying f.... about you and just pumps out your order like in mcdonalds.

Zach, get your sh111t straight next time before you compare anything else. Very unprofessional.


Tali's Crab Shack is by far the BEST place to to seafood in the entire Miami Dade County! Due to my hectic schedule I eat out at various restaurants through out Dade & Broward County, I must say that I feel Blessed that Tali's Crab Shack is less that 4 miles from my home! GOD answered my prayers when i learned about Tali's. I am a vegetarian and the seafood is always fresh & delicious! Mr. Tali and his crew are Great funny and well respectable people. Thank you Tali & Staff!

v3054397188 like.author.displayName 1 Like

To everyone- the comments about Capitan Crab and Tali's Crab Shack should be vise versa. Capitan's Crab services are the worst in our neighborhood. Tali's on the other side is the best thing to happen in our neighborhood. The Crabs are fresh, if you don't want your tray spicy mister editor- then don't ask for it to be spicy. As well as salty-, dry, and red lups on your hand- you sound like you are a part  of  Capitan's Crab spot!!! Thats is such bull....  I have remember good days Capitan Crab had. About 5 years ago, and and then they became worse, worse and worse. I wonder the reason they closed down 2 of 3 of their locations. The joint owned by Corporate office somewhere in Texas, feeding of other businesses don't give bull crap about our neighborhood good eating.  Iam GLAD THAT TALI'S OPENED UP. The Owner is there, Food Is GooD. We should have more places like them around the area.

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