Joey's Cantina For Sale Tonight: Wine Specials and Four-Course Dinner (Photos)

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all photos by Carla Torres
Veal should never be taken for granted
Sometimes in life we often take greatness for granted. Just because something or someone has been around for a while, we get complacent and do not feel the need to visit them or show just how special they are to us. That we need them.Joey's hasn't forgotten to show love to the Wynwood community.

In honor of the changing of seasons and to show gratitude, it is having a "Cantina Sale" today and tomorrow. Think garage sale only the garage is really the wine vault, and the sale is a four-course dinner.

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Chef Ivo Mazzon figured that since a new influx of wine is coming, he could have a feast with the old. The cantina, which in Italian means cellar, winery, or vault, showcases vintage wines ranging from 2005 to 2011. "To make room for the summer months and the heat, we decided to offer our large collection of finest red wines and some other whites and roses at exclusive prices as low as $32," says Mazzon. "I was inspired by all the real estate for sale around here, apartments for sale, everything is for sale - why not wine vault or cantina for sale?"


The four-course menu has several offerings. For appetizers you can choose either grilled calamari & caramelized onion salad or a simple and refreshing caprese salad with olives, pickled onions, and cornichons. In true Italian fashion, the second course is primi - after-appetizer, before-main course pasta dish - choice of linguini with creme e salmon or gnocchi drenched in a heavy bolognese. Sounds filling? Oh it is, but you've still got two more to go, so loosen a button in those pants.



Main course is where things get complicated. With five offerings including three of Joey's praised pizzas -- diavola, magherita or funghi -- you won't know what to choose. We suggest going with something lighter since you just behaved badly with pasta. The other two alternatives are tilapia al cartoccio - oven roasted in a foil pouch - served with olives sauce and lentils or chicken all a boscaiola in a creamy mushroom sauce served with potatoes. While I wasn't personally too excited about ordering chicken, I was very pleased to find that instead of chicken I received veal boscaiola, which happens to be on the actual dinner menu.


There's only one dessert, but it's all you need - the mint ice cream & mousse cup is Joey's closing statement in the "Cantina for Sale." At $28 per person for the four-course meal and exclusively priced reserve wines, this is not to be taken for granted.

It's time you showed Joey's some love ...

"Cantina for Sale" is set to run tonight and tomorrow from 6 to 10 p.m.

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