Sunset Lounge at Mondrian Hotel Offers "Progressive" Happy Hour

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The view.
Ever heard of a progressive happy hour? It is the thing these days, and we recently tried the new menu at the Mondrian South Beach's Sunset Lounge.

The concept is simple. From 5 to 9 p.m., prices mirror the clock. It's 5:15? Enjoy a Sunset Passion cocktail for $5. Still drinking at 7:02? Get a Bay Double Trouble Slider for $7.

Drink selections include lychee martinis, fruit mojitos, Sunset Passion, classic caiprinhas, a superfruit-jalapeño margarita, red and white wines, and champagne.

Small bites include chips and guacamole, Buffalo wings, several types of tacos, sliders, and a Cubano -- a petite Cuban sandwich.

The bar is located at the back of the hotel and features a spectacular view. Sipping $5 and $6 lychee martinis while watching the sun drop into the bay is not a bad way to spend a late afternoon.

The Mondrian takes its cocktails seriously, a bit more seriously than it takes its food, and you can expect each of the happy-hour cocktails to be topnotch. Small bites, for the most part, taste average and come in very small portions (three chicken wings, for example), but the guacamole, Cubano, slider, and tacos are a good deal at $5 apiece.

For the cocktails and the view alone, the experience is worth it. You'd be hard-pressed to find another waterfront spot in South Beach where you can get a designer cocktail for less than $8. Best of all: You can enjoy Sunset Lounge's progressive happy hour Saturday and Sunday as well. You can't beat that.

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Sunset Lounge at Mondrian South Beach

1100 W. Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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