Miami Spice at Meat Market: Juicy Cuts & Atomic Horseradish

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photo by Carla Torres
We've all been waiting for Jamie De Rosa and Giorgio Rapicavoli to battle it out at New Times Iron Fork on Thursday. But another battle commences today tomorrow, too: Miami Spice. OK, so it's not much of a battle between the chefs and restaurants as it is a battle of the mind. With all the restaurants participating how are you ever going to decide on just one?

You don't have to! For a full two months, restaurants you've always wanted to try are offering a prix-fixe three course meal for a set price. With over 100 restaurants participating in this year's Miami Spice, it's the biggest yet. Short Order was invited to preview Chef Sean Brasel's Miami Spice menu a couple of days early at one of our favorite spots -- Meat Market. Check out pictures after the jump.

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Chef Sean Brasel's had a damn good year. Must be the reason why he's let his facial hair grow out a la Michael Schwartz. Seems like chefs don't have as much time to shave when they're working on opening several locations. Still, Brasel, has plenty of time to cook at the current Meat Market, and with Miami Spice even more so.

"This year's motto for MIami Spice: less is more," says Brasel. "Last year was a little more complex. My friends and co-workers gave me their feedback and said they liked more simple and traditional dishes, so I've done just that."

Have a drink while you wait for your food and munch of the wasabi infused nuts. White sangria takes some heat of the spice.

Wagyu carcpaccio with the standard - arugula salad and parmesan cheese -- but also some flair -- chipotle aioli, hearts of palm, and parmesan crostinis.
The menu features many of the dishes that make Meat Market a standout. Choose from Kumamoto oysters (three on the half shell), a stacked ceased salad, local daily ceviche or wagyu carpaccio for appetizer. Upgrades are also available - blue point oysters for an extra $8 will get you six oysters. Or for a dime extra you can get and Asian tuna tartar. "I chose to offer upgrades in case someone wanted something a little out of the ordinary," says Brasel.

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Meat Market

915 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

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Some typos in article: waguy, tar tar, MIami, and one more ... I'm going to let you find it yourself.

What I really want to comment on though is that I miss the "good, bad, grudging" write ups for Spice - are we not going to see that this year because New Times is somehow partnering in with the convention and visitor's bureau?  If so, that would be a sad omission - past 2 years' roundups were insightful and useful.  Makes me wonder if the MCVB silenced MNT by inviting them to partner.

JoseDuran moderator communitymanager

@anonymous Thank you for pointing it out. Found the one you omitted as well.

Our full Spice preview is coming, do not despair, with the return of the Great, Good and Grudging (we never did Bad).

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