Fourth of July Berry Flag Cake: Top Pastry Chef Edition (Recipe)

Lyssa Goldberg
Bye-bye to the basic berry cake.
No dessert says Fourth of July more than a berry flag cake. But we're getting a little tired of seeing the same old thing at the barbecue every year.

That's where the Best Pastry Chef in Miami comes in. The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort's executive pastry chef, Antonio Bachour, invited us into his kitchen for a decorating demonstration, putting his own spin on a traditional berry flag cake. But because Bachour doesn't do traditional, he couldn't help but try his hand at a second pastry -- a modern Stars and Stripes-inspired red velvet cake.

We'll take you through the decorations step-by-step and also provide you with the recipes if you want to do the baking from scratch.

Patriotic Berry Cake
Chef Antonio Bachour started with a round three-layer cake (wait until you see what those three layers look like). With white buttercream in between the layers and a white chocolate glaze icing the outside of the cake, he started with a blank slate. "We never know what the decorations will look like ahead of time. Yesterday we had a party for 200 people, and we do all the decorations à la minute."

Lyssa Goldberg
Chef Bachour decorates the cake with berries.
Start with blueberries and raspberries dipped in a neutral glaze for shine and place them on top of the cake (five rows of four blueberries each and four rows of three raspberries).

Take a large white fondant-like star made of sugar and speckle it with red-colored cocoa butter, used most often to decorate chocolate. Insert one of the five points into the cake as a free-standing decoration.

Add on the final touches with other house-made chocolate decorations -- a dark chocolate curlicue and white chocolate decor also splattered with colorful cocoa butter.

Lyssa Goldberg
Chef Bachour's take on a berry flag cake.
Layers of red, white, and blue cake with white buttercream filling were used to give the cake a vibrant patriotic effect. This will definitely impress the host of your family BBQ more than the berries and whipped cream version we're so used to seeing. See the next page for the recipe and then click through to find out how to decorate his Stars and Stripes cake.

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