Fourth of July Vegan Feast Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

All photos by Laine Doss
Declare your independence from junk food.
Each year, we celebrate our country's independence by sharing a meal with family and friends, then watching the skies light up as a cap to the festivities.

And, in most cases, that meal happens to be from the grill. We're not sure why burgers and hot dogs became the classic all-American meal (especially since both probably have their origins in Germany), but they are -- in all of their highly processed glory.

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Whole Food Market's Healthy Eating and Green Mission specialist (and former Miami New Times Beet Reporter) Camille Lamb recently held a cooking demo to show that plant-based dishes can be just as fast and delicious as traditional Independence Day foods.

Each Monday at 7 p.m., Whole Foods Coral Gables hosts a free healthy eating cooking class. This week's saw a full house of couples, singles, and even mothers with tweens here to find out ways to make healthy and tasty meals. Lamb is engaging, interactive, and helpful. When someone asks a question about a thickening agent, Lamb offers up her email address so she could follow-up with a more detailed answer.

As Lamb demonstrates how to prepare veggie kabobs, spicy black bean burgers, kale slaw, and pineapple cool-lottas, sample portions of the food are passed out. Next week's class, Tango with Mango, will help you figure out what to do with all those mangos you'll have soon (reserve a spot by calling 305-421-9421). And, even if you're not vegan, think about incorporating at least one of these nutritious dishes into your July Fourth festivities and, as Lamb wold say, "declare your independence" from junk food.

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