Summer Produce: Gabriele Marewski Explains How to Snag the Good Stuff

It's summertime, and with these scorching temps, the idea of heavy, rich food is less than appetizing. Besides, who wants a bloated belly when donning that sexy new swimsuit? Instead, it's all about fruits and veggies for the next couple of months. (Mango Festival, anyone?)

And in our neck of the woods, summertime means tropical fruit season, so we should all be getting our fill of mango, Thai guava, coconuts and all those delicacies that people in the Northeast would kill for.

So, to make sure we're getting the choicest stock in the produce bins, we spoke to Gabriele Marewski, owner of Paradise Farms for some tips on picking the best of the herbivorous bunch.

For tropical fruit, says Marewski, it's often about the smell. So give those fruits a nose before you snag 'em.

"There are mangoes in season, jackfruit, mamey, passion fruit, longan, Thai guava - that's what's local," Marewski says.

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"With jackfruit you do want it to have some give. You should be able to smell it, it has a strong odor and you like that strong odor because that lets you know it's ripe."

Ripe jackfruit, for those unfamiliar, tastes like a cross between a banana and a pineapple.

"With mangoes, when they have color break -- you can see that it's not all one color. It turns into other colors. You can smell a mango too when its ripe. A mango will have a little bit of give to it also," she says.

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Nick Bernal
Nick Bernal

Longans are a great fruit, similar to lychee but less sweet. Also, red guavas, canistel and mamey can really be appreciated this time of year.

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