Iron Fork Chefs DeRosa, Rapicavoli Get Into Twitter War

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Jamie DeRosa and Giorgio Rapicavoli
We'll admit it. We kinda started it when we asked a few questions of Giorgio Rapicavoli and Jamie DeRosa, the two chefs set to compete in this year's Iron Fork and Miami Spice kickoff event, presented by the Downtown Development Authority, on August 1 at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Miami.

We didn't think that these two talented chefs would engage in a war of words using Twitter as their weapon of choice... but we're kind of totally psyched it happened.

Shortly after we posted the interview, in which DeRosa, chef/partner at Tongue & Cheek and Rapicavoli, chef/partner at Eating House, explained their strategies for winning the upcoming competition (which included punching raw meat and training at a non-existent boot camp), a war erupted.

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First, DeRosa sent a "gift basket" to Iron Fork judges Timon Balloo and Daniel Serfer. A bribe you say? Maybe in, say, Idaho. But in Miami? Nah... Here are the two judges. Do they look like they could be bought with a mere basket of goodies?

Courtesy of Jamie DeRosa
Jamie DeRosa sends a gift basket.
Apparently, Rapicavoli upped the ante a bit. Though we have no pictures as proof, we do have a tweet by judge Danny Serfer alluding to a different sort of payola:

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Sha Almont
Sha Almont

Fck them both.... CAPTAIN FCKING CRUNCH! im about to go buy some, thanks!

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