Iron Fork's DeRosa and Rapicavoli Prepare for Battle With Tasty Trash Talk: Get Discount Tickets Today

Bill Wisser
Trash talking was never this tasty.
Miami is sizzling hot right about now and, no, we are not talking about the weather. It's because of Miami New Times' Iron Fork. Presented by the Downtown Development Authority, Iron Fork also happens to be the official kickoff to Miami Spice. On August 1, the Adrienne Arsht Center will transform into Miami's culinary center, where our best restaurants will offer tastes for your dining pleasure.

But as you might already know, Iron Fork is also an awesome cooking competition in which two of Miami's most accomplished chefs take the stage to battle with knives, searing flames, and raw meat. In an arena such as this one, there can be only one winner.

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Yesterday, the 2012 Iron Fork champion, Daniel Serfer of Blue Collar, gave this year's opponents, Jamie DeRosa of Tongue & Cheek and Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House, some sage wisdom. Now, it's time to hear from DeRosa and Rapicavoli. We spoke with the cocky chefs to find out how they're preparing and what they think of the impending competition. What we got was a two-man stand-up routine with plenty of trash talking. If the competition is as funny as their interview, this year's Iron Fork will be epic.

New Times: What does winning Iron Fork mean to you?
Giorgio Rapicavoli: It'd be dope to represent for the crew back at Eating House. They bust their asses for us, so it's nice to come home with something to put on the walls. We're really proud of what we've accomplished on our own, so I have to go out there and win this for the team.

Jamie DeRosa: It's a great event for the community and a fun event to be participating in. Giorgio is a past contest winner, but this ain't Chopped. Unfortunately for him, his luck is about to run out.

How have you been training for this event?
Rapicavoli: Listening to lots of "Eye of the Tiger" and punching the short ribs in the walk-in.

DeRosa: Yes, we have instituted a Tongue & Cheek CrossFit camp. But I'm still waiting for everyone to tell me what time the classes begin.

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