Mercadito's Custom Margaritas: Are You Fruity or Spicy? (We're a Little of Both)

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All photos by Laine Doss
Mercadito's Cristian Rolon makes a custom margarita -- just for us.
The margarita is a conundrum, indeed. On the one hand, the Mexican cocktail, is a lesson in simplicity. On the other, it's the one drink that's most likely to go wrong when you order it.

Consider this little conversation we recently had at a very nice restaurant:

Bartender: What would you like to drink?
Short Order: Hmmmm... maybe a margarita? Do you make it with a mix?
Bartender: Of course.
Short Order: Then, can I see your beer list?

For some reason, most margaritas, though having only a few ingredients, are made with unholy, chemical-and-corn-syrup-laden, anti-freeze-colored mix. And they taste like crap.

Margarita tradicional.
That's why we are so pleased with Mercadito Midtown's custom margaritas, available all summer long. Each margarita starts out as a classic, made with tequila Revolucion Blanco, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice and organic agave nectar ($10.50). With a salt rim, you could stop there and enjoy one of the best margaritas we've had in a while.

But, as bartender Cristian Rolon suggests, why stop at one, especially when Mercadito's custom margaritas are so enticing? Starting at the classic margarita, the custom allows you to build your own fruity, or spicy, or savory cocktail. Fresh tropical fruits and berries like pineapple, mango, guava, strawberry, or blueberries can be added for $1.50; or try cucumber ($1.50) for a cool, fresh and unique flavor.

If you like spice in your world, habanero and jalapeño peppers can be added for free. For a smoky flavor, try some mezcal in your margarita ($3). Mercadito has 50 types of tequila, ranging from blancos to repasodos to anejos for you to substitute in your margarita. Of course, there is no margarita without salt, and Mercadito custom blends different salts to go with their margaritas including spicy, pepper, and hibiscus.

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