The Social Club at Surfcomber Hotel Relaunched

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Social Club
The interior of the Social Club has gone from bar-and-lounge to sit-down-and-stay-awhile.
The Social Club at Kimpton's Surfcomber Hotel has a new look, new chef, and new menu. It might as well have a new name... if the name weren't such a perfect description for this gastro-lounge.

Formerly a front-of-hotel bar that played sidekick to the Asian-inspired Lantao Kitchen, which has since closed, the Social Club is now on the main stage. "Lantao was great, but it was really specific," says executive chef Doug Sisk, who recently joined the Social Club team and led the menu revamp. "This front space is now really the main focus."

The Social Club's position at the front of the hotel, along with an outdoor terrace on Collins Avenue will give the operation more of a street presence.

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Short Order was invited to check out Social Club's snazzy updates, so we're here to report back to you on the trendy atmosphere imparted by the Deco design, and the tasty new eats.

Lyssa Goldberg
Sharable seafood plates like the rock bass ceviche are standouts at Social Club.
Chef Sisk said the idea was to come up with a fun menu with quality food: "I have a lot of experience in the Caribbean, in Jamaica and the Bahamas. I was a member of Jamaica's National Culinary Team. So that experience in the Caribbean, along with South American influences, meant I could do something recognizable and regionally inspired."

"Social plates" are a focus of the menu, which has a Floribbean feel and features small dishes and sharable, chilled seafood dishes. And now that Social Club's seating has gone from a couple of couches to tables and chairs, there's more space for everyone to enjoy.

Lyssa Goldberg
Squeeze lime juice onto tacos or use them as a stand to hold the wonton shells in place.
We tried the Key West Rock Bass Ceviche ($10) -- prepared Peruvian-style with chunks of sweet potato -- and Bahamian Conch Tacos ($12). Wonton taco shells (gluten-free eaters can be accommodated with lettuce wraps) hold the conch, bell pepper, and avocado filling in place. And they're served atop adorable wedged lime taco holders -- an idea that's worth stealing next time you host a dinner party.

Both of those chilled plates are only $6 during Happy Hour, along with other bar bites, wines, and craft beers that are discounted from 5 to 7 p.m. And until 9 p.m., "Punch the Clock" Happy Hour means you can drink Pisco punch for the price of the hour (i.e. $5 at 5 p.m., $6 at 6 p.m. and so on).

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The Social Club

1717 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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