Open Kitchen's Chef Says Fresh, Local Ingredients Can Beat the Summer Heat

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Open Kitchen's homemade nutella ice cream with a hint of espresso
Any decent chef will tell you a meal is only as good as the ingredients used to create the dish. You can drop serious cash to score exotic elements or you can do what the ladies at Open Kitchen are doing. Instead of running scared from the heat like most of us Miamians, Sandra Stefani and Ines Chattas are facing summer head on, creating tasty dishes and homemade ice creams inspired by the lush, in-season squashes, kale and mangos you're seeing at the market this summer.

We spoke to Chattas who told us that along with a strong understanding of fresh ingredients, their ever changing menu sprouts from free form menu planning, exploration of new locales and cuisines, listening to their customers and drawing ideas from magazines and cookbooks.

Chattas also shared what's on her summer reading list: I Love New York, a new cook book that shares insights and recipes from Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, the team behind the Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park.

Instead of looking abroad for inspiration, Humm and Guidara reached into their backyards to explore more than 50 farms in the greater New York area to find the ingredients that inspired the classic dishes that are unique to their city.

"I love the book because it reminds me of the importance of locally sourcing our ingredients, supporting our community and getting creative with what grows in our backyard," Chattas says. "I also love the simplicity and approachability of the recipes, we are all about that at Open Kitchen."

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Sounds delicious and affordable! Can't wait to check it out.

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