Welcome Back Twinkie: Here's Where to Find Them

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Twinkie the Kid make a comeback.
Break out the trumpets and the cold milk because Twinkies, the golden, spongy cakes with the soft creamy center, officially return to shelves today.

Twinkie's manufacturer, Hostess Brands, closed its bakeries and ceased operation in November 2012, citing labor disputes as a major factor of its demise.

But then, as if in some zombie movie, the Twinkie made an astonishing comeback from the dead. In the past few months, several large companies purchased several different parts of Hostess' once vast baked goods empire. Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulos & Co., which runs Pabst Brewing Co., took over the majority of the Hostess snack cakes brands -- including Twinkies -- the worked fast to revive the cakes.

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Billing itself as "the sweetest comeback ever," the Twinkie officially returns to shelves today, with a few changes.

First, despite popular belief, the Twinkie does not and never has had, a million-year shelf life. In fact, the original shelf life was a little less than a month (so if you've been hoarding Twinkies in your garage, it's time to throw them away). According to the company, the Twinkie will now stay fresh for about 45 days. Also new is the distribution process, which will now send Twinkies to central distribution points instead of delivering directly to stores.

Though the snack cake makes its official return today, Walmart started selling the cakes on Friday with the blessings of Twinkies' bakers, according to ABC News.

The comeback is getting lots of press, with Twinkie the Kid appearing on the Today Show to mark the official return of his tasty treats. There's even an app on the Hostess site that allows you to find Twinkies in your neighborhood. A call to the Target on Bird Road confirms that, indeed, the golden cakes are in stock and waiting for a home.

Twinkies are available today, with Coffee Cakes, Ho Hos, Orange Cup Cakes, Suzy Qs and Zingers following suit in late summer. Sno-Balls are scheduled to make a fall return.

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