Miami Spice at Sugarcane: Kick Back, Eat Well, and Stay Awhile

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All Photos by Carla Torres
Go on sugar, get your Sugarcane on with a beet mojito
Sugarcane's managing partner and executive chef Timon Balloo kicked off Miami Spice last week by judging the competition at New Times' Iron Fork. That same night, after deciding on this year's winning chef, Sugarcane launched their own Miami Spice menu, offering guests a chance to sample three courses for $39 a pop for dinner and $23 for lunch.

Short Order was invited to try the special menu. Check out pictures after the jump.

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Sugarcane's Miami Spice menu is simple and seasonal with few choices. While this can be a bad thing in a place with a menu that's designed for sharing and an overabundance of small plates, what's important here is taste. And taste never lacked. The concept for Miami Spice at Sugarcane is straightforward -- kick back, eat well, stay awhile.

Tuna crudo with pickled fava bean, olives, and shaved fennel.

Local catch ceviche with watermelon and jalapeño. On our visit we were lucky to get scallop and shrimp.
The "kick back" portion of the menu features a selection of refreshing ways to begin the night -- presumably after you've had a few beet mojitos at the bar. There's a cured tuna crudo with pickled fava beans, olives, and shaved fennel, a local catch -- scallop and shrimp on our visit -- ceviche with watermelon and jalapeño, or farm-picked lettuce with grilled bacon and peaches.

You may be thinking to yourself that you've never really tried any of this at Sugarcane before, and that's because you probably haven't. The Miami Spice offerings, with the exception of dessert, are non-menu items. That's a perfect incentive to have people order a three-course meal in a place where the idea of a meal isn't structured around courses, but rather flavors.

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Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

3250 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL

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