Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Seeking Miami Bakery for Show

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The Cake Boss wants your bakery to rake in the dough!
In Hoboken, New Jersey, people line up in front of Carlo's Bakery for pastries and cakes. The shop, in business since 1910, was busy long before the Valastro family gained fame and recognition on the show, Cake Boss.

Now, Buddy Valastro, the master baker behind both show and the bakery, wants to share his family's recipe for success with a struggling Miami bakery.

Valastro is seeking a bakery in south Florida for his new show, Bakery Boss. The turnaround reality show on TLC aims to take bakeries that are struggling with their business and make them successful.

According to a casting associate for the show, Valastro is searching for a small, independently-owned bakery in financial trouble. Maybe they're not making payroll, or on the verge of closing their doors. In any event -- they need help and they need it soon.

The show is looking for bakeries in Miami-Dade or Broward county that have a retail component -- no wholesale-only bakeries, food trucks, or bakers that sell only at farmers markets. The shop can also serve food and sandwiches - but they have to mainly be a bakery. Of course, a compelling story also helps.

If chosen, the shop owners will be consulted by Valastro, who will come into the shop and thoroughly analyze the situation. The bakery will also receive a makeover.

If you want the Cake Boss to fix up your bakery, send your name, shop's name, address, phone number, website, photo of you and your bakery, and why you need Buddy's help to or visit .

The show's casting people are hoping to find a bakery by next week, so send in your info asap. Who knows? Maybe your story will have a "sweet ending", thanks to the Cake Boss!

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Charles Schneider
Charles Schneider

They offered to help Knaus Berry Farm fix their sweetrolls and help them get customers to come. I'm guessing they didn't scout the location, if the lines were any longer for their fantastic sweetrolls it would block the street. Sometimes it does. :/

Renee Joslyn
Renee Joslyn

Because they're sick of Jersey in the winter time and want to spend the cold months somewhere warm! LMAO!


Because they're sick of Jersey in the winter time. :-D

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