Bâoli's Tempting Tuesdays: Half-Priced Menu With New Asian-Inspired Eats

Robata grilled salmon filet
Bâoli Miami recently launched Tempting Tuesdays, a way to get the full Bâoli experience for less. Now through October 29, the entire menu -- abounding with new Asian-inspired dishes courtesy of a July revamp -- is half-off on Tuesdays.

Short Order was invited to try out the menu with some new Asian delicacies, and we're here to guide you through it all and help you choose the best options.

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When sushi chef Fnu "Danie" Armandani joined the Bâoli team in March, an entire section of sushi rolls were added on. This inspired the management to up the Asian ante throughout the rest of the menu. "We changed 70 to 80 percent of the menu. There is a real Japanese touch right now," says general manager and partner Michael Ridard.

As real as the changes are, so is the discount itself. A lot of restaurants will reduce the size of the plate with promotions like these, but Ridard assured us that these are "actual menu items at 50 percent off." And with the beyond reasonable portion sizes in front of us, it sure looked like it.

Ceviche mixto with lime sauce
At half-off, try a range of appetizers and share with your group. The burrata & tomato (red and yellow heirlooms drizzled with olive oil and served with a hunk of creamy mozzarella), roasted beets (an artistic and tasty mosaic of red beets, yellow beets, and feta cheese squares), and ceviche mixto (hamachi, tuna, scallops, and shrimp in a lime sauce) are all great. In fact, the ceviche comes with an actual chunk of Maine lobster in the center, carefully guarded by a ring fence of plantain chips. Grab it first.

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