Biscayne Tavern's Fare Pairs Perfectly With a Cold Drink

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Will's famous chocolate chip cookies pair wonderfully with cold milk.
Smoked salmon spring rolls aren't the obvious choice at Biscayne Tavern, a downtown restaurant that peddles more fried potatoes than lox. So when your waiter says he prefers the dish over the "crispy Gulf shrimp dynamite," you order the rolls halfheartedly and glare at the shrimp platters passing by.

But then the appetizer arrives at the table. Its cream cheese interior still shimmers from the fryer's heat. You take a bite. Bursting with rich flavors, the brittle crust scorches your lips. The spring rolls taste like the best deep-fried bagel you've ever had.

Which sounds exactly like something you should enjoy with a drink. At Biscayne Tavern, a step-by-step brewing guide adorns the wall. A freestanding bar pours suds from bottles and more than 15 craft beers from taps. Located on high-rise-clogged Biscayne Boulevard, the restaurant features high-definition TV screens, a menu scattered with ribs and fries, and specialty cocktails spiked with spices and herbs.

In short, Biscayne Tavern pairs best with Sunday-night football and a couple of old friends.

Selling burgers and beers usually ensures a favorable outcome, and indeed, the man behind Biscayne Tavern is a successful restaurateur. The self-proclaimed "gastro-tavern" belongs to Jeffrey Chodorow, the financier behind China Grill and Asia de Cuba.

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Biscayne Tavern

146 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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