Burn Notice Auction: Eat and Drink Like Michael Westen

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All photos by Laine Doss
Madeline's dining room set on the auction block.
Burn Notice, the show that asks the question, "What happens when a government spy gets canned and moves back to Miami?" has ended its run. To Miami residents, it means no more watching shit get blown up around Coconut Grove and no more Jeffrey Donovan sightings (sigh).

But those of us wanting some keepsakes of Michael, Fiona, Sam, and Madeline had the opportunity yesterday when auctioneers sold off all (and we do mean all) of the props from the show. We're talking everything from fake tombstones to Porsches to lighting rigs.

What most fascinated me was the chance to eat and drink like the cast. There was no disappointment there, because lots of vintage barware, teapots, wine bottles, industrial kitchen equipment, fake menus, and dining room sets all found their way to the auction block -- some at insanely low prices (a three-tier industrial rack of commercial pots and pans sold for $50, while some plastic cups went for $80).

The most coveted item? A vintage tiki bar sitting in the corner of the immense Coconut Grove Convention Center. This was mine, I decided. While I waited (for three hours) through some cool stuff (and some dreck) to bid on my bar, here's what I found:

Vintage decanters, glasses, and plastic ketchup containers sold in a lot for $80.

You always wanted your own churros cart, didn't you? Both a memory and a business opportunity.

The back of the menu (unsold) from a fictional diner. I'll have the rooster burger with a side of squirrel.

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Coconut Grove Convention Center

2700 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

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