Eating House's Christian Ochoa Will Play Villain on Burn Notice Tonight

Sous chef Adriana "Lips" Egozcue
Eating House owner Alex Cassanova, waiter Christian Ochoa, and owner/chef Giorgio Rapicavoli play with fire, poking fun at Ochoa's role in Burn Notice.
Christian Ochoa has been with Eating House since the beginning, waiting on guests at the Coral Gables restaurant. But when customers tell him they recognize his face, that's not the reason.

"I also do a lot of modeling. There's stuff in some magazines and stuff that I've done for clothing and whatnot," says Ochoa. "So now it's getting to the point in my career where I have a face that people are saying, 'Hey I recognize you.'"

What's more, Ochoa has appeared in some independent films and played a lot of small parts in the recently canceled Miami-based drama Magic City. He was even an extra in Burn Notice once before. But tonight he will appear on Burn Notice for the first time with a speaking role, right alongside lead actor Jeffrey Donovan.

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Ochoa started serving in Miami as part of a plan to act. It began with a phone call to chef Giorgio Rapicavoli -- who was his big brother in a Florida International University fraternity -- when the restaurant had just opened as a pop-up.

"I moved back here to try to get into acting. It was always my dream. When I moved back down, he was just starting Eating House," Ochoa recalls. "I remembered he was a chef, and a service job would give me the freedom throughout the day to go to castings."

Fast forward a year and a half, and he's becoming a familiar face. At a recent brunch, for example, Ochoa said he had three tables back-to-back that said they felt like they knew him but weren't sure where from.

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