Enriqueta's Reopens Today With Same Owners and 305 Cafecito Time

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Having a bad Tuesday? It's about to get a whole lot better. For four months, Wynwood and midtown have been dealing with a life bereft of scrumptious Enriqueta's pan con bistec -- the best in Miami. When our favorite neighborhood joint suffered from an electrical fire in April, owner Jose Luis Pla said it would be "maybe a month." His hopeful daughter said two to four weeks. We were hopeful too.

Finally, four months after the incident, Enriqueta's opened its doors and its ventanilla this morning to once again serve some of the best Cuban food in the Magic City.

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We'd heard from a mysterious man when we stopped by six weeks after the incident that the restaurant had been sold. That was just a rumor. Jose Luis Pla and his daughters continue to weather the storm that is vaca frita and arroz con frijoles. So what's changed? As far as the food, nothing. Good news, eh? Even better is that, because they underestimated the damage from the fire and the smoke, they had to completely redo the interior, bathroom, everything. So Enriqueta's got a makeover. They didn't expect to be closed this long, but at least now they're back with a bang.

And that's not all. JLPR, a public relations agency located in Wynwood, even decided to help Enriqueta's with a housewarming for the madeover space. They don't officially do PR services for Enriqueta's but have taken on the task to make 3:05 the official cafecito time of Miami. And what better way than with free Cuban coffee from 3 to 4 p.m. next Friday, August 30, to celebrate the reopening. If you're as big a fan of Enriqueta's as we are, chances are you can't wait till next Friday and are already salivating and planning an escape from the office. Do it at 3:05 for the 305.


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Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop

186 NE 29th St., Miami, FL

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Deana Gutierrez
Deana Gutierrez

Delena, I think they opened just for you and Justin's return at the end of the year. You probably didnt know, but they had a fire and had closed down since April!



Frank Castle
Frank Castle

great, just what we need another cuban place...smh


Love me some 3:05 Cafecito and some Enriqueta's! So happy they opened again! I was getting restless.

Deana Gutierrez
Deana Gutierrez

Thank you dear lord baby jesus! I was just complaining this morning that they had closed down!!!!! Now all I need is them to be open on Sunday. :)

Mi Rala
Mi Rala

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