Fratelli Milano Celebrates the Dog Days of Summer With a Photo Contest

Courtesy Fratelli Milano
Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets. And Lola wants pasta.
Hello and welcome to the "dog days" of summer.

Let's face it. August is the price we pay for living in paradise. And you know what? A little 95-degree weather pales in comparison to sub-zero temperatures, any day!

That being said, Ristorante Fratelli Milano is celebrating the "dog days" of summer by hosting the most doggone terrific contest ever -- a search for the cutest dog photos in Miami!

The idea came about when Fratelli Milano's twin-brother chefs Roberto and Emanuele Bearzi started posting pictures of their kids on Facebook.

Sure there are human children, but take a peek at chef Robert's pictures and you'll see more pictures of Lola, his four-legged baby, than anyone else. Lola, by the way, is the absolutely adorable unofficial mascot of the restaurant.

Courtesy Fratelli Milano
A chef and his pup -- cuteness overload.
That prompted Fratelli Milano to hold their search for the most adorable doggie. The contest runs throughout the month of August and it's pretty simple to enter.

Just post a pic of your favorite pooch on Facebook and tag @RistoranteFratelliMilano or @FratelliMilano. They've also designated a hashtag #DogDays.

Each Friday (August 9, 16, 23, and 30), the cutest picture will be chosen and the winner will be announced on Facebook.

Each week's winner can then stop in for lunch -- and Lola will "eat" the check. (In other words, lunch is on Fratelli Milano.)

Don't forget to bring your fabulous canine, since there are plenty of sidewalk tables for the two of you to dine alfresco. After all, who got you that free meal in the first place?

So break out the silly hats and frilly dresses, the homemade "Pastafarian" outfits and the "Will Beg for Pizza" signs. Because cuteness counts -- and your dog will get over the 30 seconds of shame when you share your "Carne dei Fratelli" with him.

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