Iron Fork 2013: Who Had the Best Eats? (Photos)

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Justin Namon
A Fish Called Avalon's station at Iron Fork.
Last night, during Miami New Times' Iron Fork at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Short Order sampled food from more than 30 restaurants. This morning, we present you with a photographic recap of our favorite eats, spanning from milk and cookies to short rib and foie gras agnolotti.

Please pardon the occasional smoggy photo. We also tried everything from the bar. (Because, research.)

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Terrazza at Shore Club
Terrazza at Shore Club's spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli with aurora sauce

Justin Namon
Florida Cookery
Florida Cookery's smoked mahi-mahi with cucumber quinoa salad and tamarind glaze

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Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

1300 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Marlon Garcia
Marlon Garcia

Edge Steak baked potato - fully loaded with potato espuma, bacon, etc. was great!


All that food looks YUCKY!!!


This was event was an ABSOLUTE DISASTER. Attendees were herded, like cattle for slaughter, into a small tent where the 30+ restaurants would be 'presenting' their food. There was no semblance of order inside the tent, it was a madhouse. Throngs of ppl pushing and shoving their way to Restaurants' tables. The cooking was taking place in an already badly ventilated tent, which im sure was also a few hundred ppl over capacity which in hand broke a few fire codes to be sure...

The entire event was poorly planned, managed and executed. New Times needs to take a few tips from Food & Wine Festival: Raise ticket prices, sell less tickets and overall, deliver the kind of event that they have promised and advertised.

Cooking with Jeff
Cooking with Jeff

I was honestly disappointed by the event this year, the venue was beautiful but needed a map and GPS to navigate (or at least staff who knew where things were), many of the restaurants served dishes that were remarkably similar and lackluster. I saw at least five different preparations of short ribs this year, many of them just braised short rib tucked into something to try and reinvent beef stew as something different. Even as someone who bought a VIP ticket, the place was super packed from the beginning and only got worse when general admission came in. It felt like an over sold money-grab this year with the bars you had to pay for (and no change in the ticket prices from the prior years) and only one VIP bar area (which became mobbed once the VIP guests finally found it). Overall just not anywhere near as good as last year or the year prior.

D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

Short rib & Foie Agnolotti was my favorite followed by the short rib and goat cheese empanadas. Florida Cookerys mahi quinoa salad was also amazing! This was, in food and venue, the BEST IRON FORK EVENT TO DATE!!

Cooking with Jeff
Cooking with Jeff

@Aliah17 While I do not agree with you about taking a note from Food & Wine (the last two years I went and it was similarly poorly planned) I will say I 100% agree with you on everything else, this event was over-sold, poorly planned, and even the food that was presented was all along the same vein, nothing special. Last year's event was better but still not great, two years ago at the Ice Palace, that is where the New Times should be taking their playbook from, 2011's Iron Fork was fantastic, well planned, well executed, and not over-sold.

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