Ten Fruit's Juice Cleanse: What It's Like To Live on Fruit For Two Days

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This is a food blog. So most of our pieces are about, well, food. Call it masticating, noshing, feasting or just plain eating -- it's pretty much our everything.

So why would one of us willingly forgo food for 48 hours? Anything for your sake, beloved readers.

Juice cleansing is the new hotness, so we took downtown's Ten Fruits up on an invitation to give their new cleanse a go. Here's how it went down. Literally down, like, into our stomach.

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First off, let's establish one thing: this isn't considered a fast. This juice cleanse is designed to keep you fueled up, full and with plenty of calories to keep you going. I can attest to the fullness factor. On this particular plan, I didn't experience a single hunger pain. No starvation necessary.

"A lot of people have misconceptions of what a cleanse is for," says Ten Fruits owner David Polinksy. "They think it's a form of fasting and it's absolutely not. It's actually intended to be highly nutritious and to keep you running at the same energy level you would normally have but you just eliminate the bad things in your diet."

The Ten Fruits juice cleanse is offered by the day. You can partake in one, two or three-day sessions, and the juices need to be picked up daily, at $47.50 a pop. The lineup was established by juice-master and co-owner Alexander Vazquez. They're purists, folks -- so there's no pasteurization whatsoever for their fruity bevs. Everything has to be consumed within 24 hours. I decided to opt into a two-day commitment.

Hannah Sentenac
Tell me this isn't the cutest thing ever?
On the morning of day one, I was ready to go, jonesing to get into my juices. After picking up the uber-adorable to-go carton (if you're in downtown, they also deliver), I started in on juice one. You get six juices a day, and they're as follows:

Juice 1: Super Green - cucumber, avocado and blueberries. Almost smoothie-esque, it's filling and pretty delicious.
Juice 2: Refreshing Cleanse - wheatgrass, parsley and apple. Slightly sweet and very light, it's a good follow-up to the first.
Juice 3: Almond Milk - almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon and agave. Ummmmm delicious much? I could drink a gallon of this, on the daily. Go get some. Now. You'll never want regular milk again.
Juice 4: Back to Work - wheatgrass, carrot, spinach and beet. Despite my love for beets, I had a little trouble with this one. It's very earthy. While tasty in small doses, 16 ounces was a challenge.
Juice 5: Spa Day - ginger, carrot, cucumber, apple and lemon. I dug the ginger/carrot combo. It's acidic, in a good way.
Juice 6: Green Day - kale, spinach, celery, apple and parsley. This one is supposed to be particularly good for digestion. Due to my fullness, I didn't make it past a couple sips each day, but it was palatable for sure.

Polinksy warned me that more petite folks or those with a smaller stomach capacity may not make it to juice No. 6. He was spot on -- I was juiced out by number five and had no real need for the last drink of the day. Basically, you're supposed to drink a juice about every two hours.

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