Miami Spice at Edge Steak and Bar: Good Choices, Great Value

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Laine Doss
Steak. It's what's for (Spice) dinner.
When deciding on a restaurant for Miami Spice, there are a few factors to consider: location, whether the restaurant serves lunch or dinner (or both), and the price point (fine or luxury dining). Of course there's also the question of whether or not your choice serves Spice on weekends (many do not), which could make or break a potential date night.

Then, when you and your friends have hashed out all those other options, there's the last (and most important) factor: menu options. What happens when a carnivore, a vegetarian, and a pescatarian walk into a restaurant?

Well, if the restaurant is Edge Steak & Bar at the Four Seasons hotel in Brickell, they'll be able to dine together in harmony.

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Executive chef Aaron Brooks has created a Miami Spice menu that manages to be creative and democratic. Plus, Spice dinner is offered seven days a week at the "fine dining" price point of $33 per person for a three-course meal. Lunch, by the way, is offered Monday - Saturday at an extremely affordable $19 per person.

We stopped in for Spice dinner a few days ago. The restaurant was full, so we recommend making a reservation. Here's what we had:

Laine Doss
Chicken and truffle croquetas, served with a carrot puree and parsley salad are one of the appetizers featured on Edge's Spice menu.

Laine Doss
The red salad is a gorgeous presentation of roasted beets, queso fresco, red walnuts, and piquillo pepper.

Laine Doss
A pork and duck terrine, served with spicy mustard, preserved peppers, and grilled bread is also offered. Our suggestion for couples? Get the salad and the terrine and share!

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Edge Steak & Bar

1435 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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When will the winner for the Miami Spice voucher promotion be notified? The contest says it ends Sept 30th but Miami Spice also ends that day! :( Is there anywhere we can see posted winner? Please choose me I entered many times lol :)

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