Miami Spice at the Dutch: Epic Service Fail, Amazing Soup

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Hannah Sentenac
Possibly the best soup ever.
Let me preface this piece with an admission: I'm not particularly into Miami Spice. Yeah, it's a foodie win and a nice showcase for the city's cuisine, but I find a three-course meal to be too much food, and vegetarian-friendly options are usually scarce.

However, I recently embarked on a dinner excursion to the Dutch for a friend's birthday and thought it memorable enough to warrant a blow-by-blow recount of the evening's eats.

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On a Tuesday night, our party of nine was seated fairly quickly. The dimly lit, white-brick-lined dining room was far from crowded, with just a few well-heeled tables here and there. W-esque indeed.

Our waiter was chatty and attentive and had plenty to say about the specials.

While I wasn't up for three full courses, the chilled soup with fire-roasted corn, piquillo pepper, crispy tortilla, and ancho chili sounded amazing -- and they graciously allowed me to order it à la carte. In addition, I went with a local field greens salad ($15) as an entrée.

Their Spice lineup is $39, generally considered a steal for such a pricey place. Here's a three-part rundown of the edible bits:

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As the runners dropped off our appetizers, they also left one lone entrée. We questioned a passing waiter about it, but he looked bewildered. So it sat, abandoned. Eventually we requested they retrieve it because the apps were bound to take awhile to eat and that poor entrée was dying a slow death.

My soup was pure perfection. Creamy, brilliantly fresh, and seriously sizable.

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The Dutch

2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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