Miami Spice: The Good, the Best, and the Misses (Part 2)

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It might look fancy, but this "luxury dining" spot actually offers chicken teriyaki.
If Miami Spice were a little-league team, certain restaurants would receive only participation awards. Sure, they're playing the game. They're offering three-course menus and presenting them as a deal. But stronger bonuses (such as featured cocktails) and fewer letdowns (such as tilapia ceviche) are keeping these restaurants off the field and on the bench.

As part of our Miami Spice coverage, we've checked out all the menus to find the good, the best, and the misses. What follows are the offerings, in our opinion, that come up short. Check back tomorrow for our picks for the best of the bunch.

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Fine Dining - Lunch $19, Dinner $33

Perfecto Miami
This Brickell newcomer should have known better than to charge $33 for a three-course dinner menu and then include a roasted chicken croquette as an appetizer. Yes, that's right -- una croquetica, one piece per person. The Spanish restaurant also includes first courses such as pork rinds, sangría-infused watermelon, and a salmon cone. Entrées feature crispy prawns, octopus, and marinated tomato tartar. So if you must dine at Perfecto during Miami Spice, skip the croqueta and marinated tomato tartare. Available for lunch and dinner daily, except Sunday.

Hey there, Soyka. We appreciate the gesture. We really do. But we rather not pay $33 for a dinner menu that features tilapia ceviche and tilapia almondine. Oh, and if you were wondering whether there is also skirt steak on the Spice menu, the answer is yes. Available for lunch Monday through Friday; dinner Sunday through Thursday.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
I hope you love gazpacho. At Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, the Miami Spice menu begins with an automatic serving of the chilled soup. Patrons can then select from two appetizers (chicken skewers and Greek salad), two entrées (crispy pork and adobo-rubbed chicken), and two desserts (rice pudding and chocolate fan). The good news is this: if you hate gazpacho, you can order chicken twice. Available for lunch Monday through Saturday; dinner Monday through Thursday.

Charles St.
Fried oysters or meatballs with potato purée? Roasted chicken or salmon with vegetables? Chocolate mousse or s'mores? Those are the only choices available at Charles St., the Collins Avenue restaurant located at the Boulan South Beach hotel. Available for lunch and dinner daily.

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Only restaurants with meal worthy items should be allowed... There should be a standard.


the federal's dinner spice menu lacks a lot. one tiny clam's casino! boo! get the beet salad (amazing!). don't get the sprouts, since they dont know how to roast them...they came out hella crispy. the cornish hen was delicious, but one tiny hen will not fill you up! the bread pudding was actually a dunkin donut imitation.

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