Miami Spice: The Good, the Best, and the Misses (Part 3)

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Antonio Bachour via Instagram
At J&G Grill, you can taste this dessert by Antonio Bachour.
If you love a restaurant, you'll probably love its Miami Spice menu too.

But certain places succeed for reasons beyond personal taste. These spots proffer great deals, extensive choices, or special items such as complimentary wine.

As part of our Miami Spice coverage, we've checked out all the menus to find the good, the best, and the misses. What follows are, in our opinion, the best of the bunch.

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Fine Dining - Lunch $19, Dinner $33

Graziano's Restaurant
This Argentine restaurant includes a glass of wine (torrontés or malbec) at both lunch and dinner. During the day, patrons can select from dishes like Mediterranean mussels, empanada de morcilla, sirloin steak tagliata, and bread pudding. All that and a glass of wine for just $19. Dinner features sweet breads, lamb chops, and tagliatelle. Available for lunch and dinner daily, except all day Saturday and dinner Friday.

Biscayne Tavern
Biscayne Tavern succeeds for two reasons. First, its dinner menu includes beer (or a soft drink). Second, guests can choose from 12 appetizers, 7 entrées, and 5 desserts. Available for lunch and dinner daily.

Tongue & Cheek
It's surprising to see Tongue & Cheek in the fine-dining category. On its regular menu, main courses cost about $20 or $30. For Miami Spice, chef Jamie DeRosa offers bone marrow, chilled English pea soup, a Sardinian-style seafood paella, Rhode Island squid, and salted pretzel ice cream. The bill of fare lists a selection of more than 13 items for dinner. All good choices -- and at such a great price. Available for dinner daily.

Pubbelly's Miami Spice menu is all about sharing. The bill of fare features four courses -- one of which is dedicated to swine. Patrons pick three "start ups" (dates avec chorizo, croquetas, fried chicken, heirloom tomatoes, and local cobia crudo), two dumplings, two "pig out" items (ham-braised pork cheeks, pork belly, pork meatballs, and barbecued pork "wings"), and one vegetable (green beans, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli rabe). Desserts are selected off the chalkboard. Bonus points: The restaurant recently announced a Miami Spice pop-up dinner with chef Makoto Okuwa on August 27. Available for dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

Edge Steak & Bar
Edge Steak & Bar offers a peanut butter and jelly dessert -- peanut butter mousse, strawberry gelée, and banana financier. There's also braised lamb, grilled mahi-mahi, chicken and truffle croquetas, and corvina chowder. Available for lunch Monday through Saturday; dinner daily.

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