Miami's Best Eats and Drinks: Labor Day Weekend Edition

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Christina Staalstrom
Relax. The weekend's here!
The "unofficial" end of summer is here. While most people up north get in one last beach weekend before the winter freeze comes, we're looking at one long weekend of sun, sand, drinks, and good food.

So, whether you want to feast on a whole goat, drink bloody marys poolside, or get schooled in the art of sushi-making, there are a heck of a lot of things to do this weekend.

Take advantage of all of them and then enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch...on Monday.

That, friends, is what a three-day weekend is all about.

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Oak Tavern
Put another goat on the barbie, mate!
Put a Goat on the Barbie
Labor Day weekend is all about grilling. But aren't you bored of burgers and hot dogs? And didn't you set fire to your apron the last time you attempted a backyard barbeque. Forget that and head over to Oak Tavern tonight for their own unique version of a Friday night cookout. A whole goat is getting wood grilled and you get to enjoy your share with creamy polenta, roasted vegetables, and chimichurri for $25.

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Nikko by Sunshine
Learn to make sushi by a master.
Sushi Roll Class
Sushi is like art. Everyone can draw, but it takes time and skill to make a truly beautiful roll -- or to paint the Sistine Chapel. That's why you need a master to teach you.

Michelangelo might be unavailable for lessons, but on Saturday, August 31 at 1 p.m., Nikko by Sunshine's master chef Sunshine will show you the fine art of making sushi at home at his Brickell restaurant. For $75, you'll sip hot sake while you make the rolls. Then you'll take home two custom sushi rolls, one bottle of hot sake, and a bamboo mat for you to put your sushi making skills to the test at home.

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