Patpong Road: Bangkok's Red-Light District Comes to SoBe

All photos by Laine Doss
Step into my lair...
Patpong Road, the intimate lounge atop Khong River House is designed to recreate the famous Bangkok night market and red light district of the same name.

TripAdvisor reviewers make it sound like Lincoln Road with go-go bars, food stalls, sexy women, and ladyboys -- which is awesome in our book.

So how did 50 Eggs do in bringing Bangkok to South Beach? Very well, indeed.

We were invited to tour the red-light speakeasy on the eve of its opening. Here's what we found:

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The stairway leading to the space from the alley downstairs is covered with the same colorful murals that are plastered all over Thai buildings. It's a jumble of Hollywood movie posters, signs for local bars, and graffiti. Can you spot Marilyn Monroe's iconic face in the midst of ads advertising sexy girls?

Warm amber and red hues soften the room, which is filled with cushy brown leather couches and golden candlelight. Edison lamps give the lounge, decorated with Chicago brick and intricate wood panels, a soft glow.

A DJ spins throwback music. Prince and Michael Jackson lay the soundtrack for the night.

Plumbing fittings under the bar hold your handbag.

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Patpong Road

1661 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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Rita Steinfeld Regev
Rita Steinfeld Regev

How do you find their number and make reservations? Phone is blocked online??? Odd for new restaurant.

robert.n.nielsen topcommenter

in the navy we called them "buy me drink bars" many a sailor left these places win no money and a new STD. Being its south beach one should expect them.


@Rita Steinfeld Regev They're not taking reservations...but you can call Khong River House for information on Patpong if the lounge's phone not available.

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