Plenty of Beer and Choice at Biscayne Tavern During Miami Spice

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Image courtesy Biscayne Tavern
Biscayne Tavern has plenty of beer friendly bites.
Miami Spice is imminent and if you haven't already taken the time to peruse the menus of participating restaurants it's high time you do so.

Here's a couple quick pieces of advice: You're looking for menus that offer a wide array of choices for each of the three courses. You're looking for restaurants that during the rest of the year are ridiculously expensive. Last but not least you're looking for a place with a good drink selection, so you can divert all that money you saved on food toward your ongoing campaign to pickle your liver.

Enter Biscayne Tavern. The Jeffrey Chodorow (of China Grill fame) joint is tucked inside the lobby of the B2 Hotel downtown. There's no entrance from the sidewalk, so you have to saunter into the hotel's all-white lobby before making your way into the restaurant. Don't be scared.

Chodorow comped our $33 meal so we could give you the inside scoop about what this downtown spot will be offering during August and September.

Zachary Fagenson
Pork belly sliders.
First thing to note is that there are 13, yes 13, choices of appetizers. A server described the Crispy Gulf Shrimp Dynamite as similar to P.F. Chang's "Bang Bang Shrimp." If that's your bag then you'll get plenty of the crispy little poppers coated in a creamy, spicy chili mayo.

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Biscayne Tavern

146 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Zachary from all of us at Biscayne Tavern we Thank you for the kind words. We are excited to be a part of downtown Miami and Miami Spice. It's our mission to deliver over the top food, beverage and service. We are excited to be in the lobby of the b2 miami downtown hotel and thankful to China Grill for sharing their wisdom with us daily. Doors are open Miami, come see us!!

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