Saffron Supper Club's Night in Jerusalem: Didactic Dining (PHOTOS)

Justin Namon / ra-haus
Table settings at the Saffron Supper Club's dinner in the Hidden Kitchen
There's a verse in the Babylonian Talmud that goes something like this: When friends take leave of each other, it's best that they teach each other something, so that when they see each other next time, they remember what they've learned, and when they remember what they've learned, they will think of each other. Take a moment to let that run-on sentence sink in.

That's how we felt Sunday night after the third installment of the Saffron Supper Club. Our hosts, UrbanDaddy Miami editor Sara Liss and South Florida Foodies' Maude Eaton, welcomed guests into Chef Michael Jacob's Hidden Kitchen for their version of the Middle East in Miami through a Night in Jerusalem, an evening full of new culinary experiences and cultural lessons. We were taking our leave knowing we'd gained something to remember. Keep reading about the night we won't forget.

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Previously, their dinners have been held at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and Josh's Deli in Surfside, both with a Persian theme. Eaton, who was married to a Persian man and whose children are half-Persian, said she feels "a strong affinity toward the culture and cuisine."

Liss, on the other hand, has a special connection with the city of Jerusalem. She told her guests about how she'd studied there before starting university, and even found her husband and got married there. Chef Jacobs, who is now private chef to the Miami Heat, also worked at the King David Jerusalem Hotel, a luxury five-star hotel where world leaders like President Obama stay when they visit Israel. The stage was set for a night of authentic cuisine in the company of people who genuinely know and care about Middle Eastern culture.

Justin Namon / ra-haus
Cocktail bar featuring Grey Goose Vodka
In partnership with Grey Goose Vodka, a cocktail hour began the evening, featuring drinks with Middle Eastern influences, like the pomegranate sparkler.

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Hidden Kitchen at Imperial House

5255 Collins Ave., Miami, FL

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Congrats to the entire Saffron Supper Club crew...I'm still dreaming about that stew ;-) 

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