Vegan Chicharrones Are a Thing at Beehive

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac
Pork skin and pork fat aren't exactly standard fare for a vegan diet. So chicharrónes are an unlikely find on an all-herbivorous menu. But find them, we did.

At Bird Road's Beehive Juice Bar, Brazilian owner Carlos Schichi cooks up this signature snack for reformed meat eaters, heart attack sufferers, and clean eaters alike. No piggie parts required.

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So what's in a vegan chicharrón? Basically, it's a thin strip of baked tofu topped with Bragg's Liquid Aminos (basically an über-healthy soy sauce substitute), nutritional yeast and various spices. And the final product is a super crispy, savory snack.

And that's not the only meat-free Latin cuisine he cooks up. There are also vegan empanadas in combos like seitan, potato and pea; tofu with veggie and soy picadillo.

Then there's his ever-popular Tres Amigos dish -- a mash up of red beans, plantains, sweet potato and fresh cilantro salsa, topped with a smattering of organic blue corn chips.

Plus there's red kidney beans, brown rice and soy picadillo. Specials alternate depending on day, so there's always something interesting afoot.

All in all, the crunchy, satisfying chicharrónes are worth a visit on their own. And hurry, because Beehive is moving (or closing) come January 2014.

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Honestly, couldn't most of use a little less pig fat in our lives? If not for the sake of the swine, for our arteries, at least.

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Beehive Natural Foods Juice Bar

6490 Bird Road, Miami, FL

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Jorge F. Jorge
Jorge F. Jorge

Vegan chicharrones ??!! Is nothing sacred anymore?!! Kill the Pig!!

Joao De Nacimiento
Joao De Nacimiento

Yeah okay, nothing will ever beat the fat from an animal. Although I can appreciate vegan chicharones and will keep an open mind toward vegan food.

Noel Vaughn
Noel Vaughn

It's always COOL in my book to find a cruelty free/healthy version of the yummy stuff I grew up on. Open your minds people!!!!!!


It's always AWESOME to hear/see/experience vegan and vegetarian versions of comfort foods that we have all been raised on. If you can get the same pleasure without killing an animal WHY NOT??? I practice vegetarianism on and off and commend those that are truly committed to the cause. Awareness, open-mindedness and kindness are always COOL in my book!

Adriana Zee
Adriana Zee

Keep your comments positive people! Chef Carlos is an amazing, talented and super nice person. He is simply offering alternatives for those who can't/won't indulge in animal food. His vegan cakes and seitan empanadas are SUPERIOR to their animal byproduct counterparts. Open your mind and let him surprise you! They're only moving down the street, to 65 and Bird.

Alvaro Rodriguez
Alvaro Rodriguez

This is beyond stupid! The words vegan and chicharrón should never be in the same sentence.


An edible oxymoron 

Daniel Funes
Daniel Funes

Vegan chicharrones?! Give me a eyes almost popped out their sockets I'm rolling them so hard.

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