Brunch at Sugarcane: Kale and Fat Boys Are Your Hangover Remedy

all photos by Carla Torres
There's nothing wrong with raw fish for brunch when it's on top of a crispy rice cake.
Fridays are great for multiple reasons. They mark the end of the "formal" work week and the beginning of a three-day happy hour. They are also one day away from brunch, and well, you know how we feel about brunch.

The trendy Sugarcane has an ever-changing seasonal brunch menu full of fresh offerings. With the end of summer and the beginning of fall, brunch has gotten just a little bit cooler. Short Order was invited to sample the new offerings. Scrumptious pictures after the jump.

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So what goes good with brunch? Alcohol, especially after a long night of drinking. Good thing then that they've thought up a couple of remedies for a hangover. The hangover kale or kale remedy -- depends on your mood, really -- has Spring 44 Gin, green chartreuse, agave, kale juice ($12) and tastes as fresh as you wish you felt when hungover. It might even bring you back to life.

Hungover? Have kale remedy.
But you'll still need some good old grease in your system. "The deliciously decadent 'Fat Boy' Hash served with bacon, jam, two fried eggs and truffle hollandaise is the ultimate hangover remedy and quintessential brunch dish," says Timon Balloo, executive chef and partner. Be a fat boy, or girl, and get this dish. Its name does it justice -- $16.

Hash just got an upgrade.

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