Burger King's Satisfries vs. Classic Fries: A Taste Test

All photos by Laine Doss
Burger King's Satisfries: How do they compare with the original?
Burger King's Satisfries launched today, and they are pretty much on everyone's mind.

The Twitterverse is freaking out over these crinkle cut fries that promise the taste of fried potato with 40 percent less fat and 30 percent less calories, with the hashtags #Satisfried and #WTFF getting thousands of hits.

All over Instagram, people are posting pictures of their Satisfry experience. And, apparently, giant Satisfries have taken over Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

What's the big deal? The fries, which were launched today, promise a fry with less fat and calories (30 percent less fat and 20 percent less calories than BK original fries, and 40 percent less fat and 30 percent less calories than McDonald's fries). That equates to 150.5 calories and 6.3 grams of fat in a 70-gram serving of the new fries.

According to USA Today, the fries contain the same potatoes and oil as the classic version, but a reconfiguration of the ingredients allows less oil to be absorbed by the thinner batter. That's all nicey-nicey, but how do they taste?

I went to the nearest Burger King to compare and contrast. Clearly there's a huge marketing push, with signs on the doors and all over the inside of the restaurant. When ordering, you'll find an immediate difference: Price!

A small order of regular fries cost $1.79 and a small order of the Satisfries is $2.09! But that didn't seem to deter the people on the line, who were ordering the new fries out of curiosity. (It doesn't seem to be for health reasons when you're ordering a double Angry Whopper and a large Coke to go with those low fat fries.) In fact, it wasn't quite noon and the restaurant was running low on supplies.

Side by side, there's also a difference. Besides being crinkled, the Satisfries are larger and plumper.

Now for the taste. The Satisfries have more potato flavor. The classic clearly taste more like the oil they're fried in. I was trying to figure out where I tasted the Satisfries before -- then it hit me!

The crinkle cut Ore-Ida fries that mom bakes in the oven! I actually prefer the new Satisfries. They taste like potato -- and lots of salt. But my friend preferred the classic. Why? "They just taste like a "real" French Fry," he said.

While writing this, I just noticed that I had finished off all the Satisfries, with the original recipe sitting in the bag -- cold, lonely, and unloved. Call me "Satisfried."

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Amy OConnor
Amy OConnor

no id rather just eat a few real ones god knows whats in them

CJ Dee
CJ Dee

they are AWESOME!!!!!!!

Orestes Rodriguez
Orestes Rodriguez

BK is the worst. They are desperately trying to regain marketshare that they never thought they'd lose. Claiming that the NEW LOW FAT fries are better?! WTF! When I was in High School, I worked at BK and the fries are cooked with pure lard. Chemically altering the potato to absorb less fat when being altered is NOT HEALTHY.

drakemallard topcommenter

Fussy eater" is a euphemism for "big pain in the ass".

Kammie Whitaker
Kammie Whitaker

Burger King fries suck. whichever ones u wanna try. taste like cardboard. U want good fries, go to McDonalds.

Falyn Freyman
Falyn Freyman

i have and they were pretty delicious.......


@Brian Schiffhauer This was one of the top stories on most every major news outlet in the US. -- including CNN, the New York Times, and all morning shows.

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