Doughnut Porn in NYC: Manhattan's Doughnut Plant

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Coconut cream. It might not look fancy, but this shit is legit.

There's a reason doughnuts have been around since forever. More than cupcakes, muffins, or pastelitos, doughnuts are the ultimate breakfast indulgence. Just ask Homer Simpson -- or your local police officer (zing!).

Sadly, Miami is without a lot of options for those seeking anything beyond your average Krispy Kreme glazed or Dunkin' Donuts cruller. So while in New York City, I made a trip to Manhattan's famous bake-shop Shangri-la, Doughnut Plant. Is it worth the epic hype? Find out after the jump.

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So many doughnuts, so little time.
Here, they're serious about doughnuts -- at least, as serious as you can get about a sugar-filled, waist-widening treat.

Doughnuts on the walls, doughnuts on the tables, doughnuts on the floor.
The Chelsea location at 220 W. 23rd St. has walls lined with doughnut-shaped pillows. The tables are ringed with brightly colored circles, and the door handle sports a giant circular ring. And oh, the bathroom -- a mirror-mosaic, disco-ball delight. Not your average doughnut shop.

It's like pulling down your drawers at Studio 54.

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