Gotham for Miami Spice: House-Made Short-Rib Tagliatelle and Girls, Girls, Girls

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Photos by Carla Torres
At Gotham Steak, your amuse-bouche is a lobster salad.
Miami is a city of appearances. OK, fine, South Beach is a city of appearances. Go to Prime One Twelve any given night and there will be a wait, guaranteed. Never mind the steak house's extravagant prices for a piece of meat and extra dime for a side dish. People are dying to pay that kind of cash.

And Gotham, the Fontainebleau's chic and trendy American steak house, is packed during the slow season while mom-and-pop restaurants struggle to stay afloat. In the Magic City, the economic "recession" is nonexistent, or at least we drink, eat, and party as if it were. And why wouldn't we? Miami Spice hasn't ended yet, and though we love cozy, intimate places for the uniqueness factor and homey taste of the food, we go to places like Gotham just to say we did. And now you can, for $39, perhaps the cheapest bragging rights you might ever find.

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It's slow season, and Gotham is raking in 150 to 200 covers a night. During high season, numbers fluctuate between 350 and 500. On our recent visit, the trending theme seemed to be bachelorettes, all looking for a fine piece of meat (which might surprise them with its $15 add-on for New York strip).

Drinking is also a big part of a bachelorette's life. Luckily, the restaurant has conceptualized two wine flights for an additional $20 or $30. Not too shabby for a venue just steps from LIV.

Appetizers come in three forms. Choose from a wedge salad with blue cheese, shallots, and smoked bacon, hand-cut tagliatelle with an eight-hour short-rib bolognese and shaved Pecorino cheese, or Gotham's signature steak appetizer: prime beef tartare. We opted for the tartare as well as the pasta, which is house-made and oozing in meat sauce. It was the star of the meal. It was robust in flavor as well as heavy, but not overly heavy. I almost wished it would have been an entrée. I'd eat an entire plate, or two.


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FB Steakhouse

4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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