Il Mulino for Miami Spice: Pure Elegance and Veal Rigatoni

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all photos by Carla Torres
What's cooking for Miami Spice? Il Mulino
We are past the halfway point of Miami Spice. You know what that means? You only have a short time left to have a three-course feast. Not sure where to go? Take a drive to Sunny Isles beach for some scenery and an exquisite Miami Spice dinner that would otherwise never be possible at $39.

Il Mulino has history, New York kind of history. Located at the Aqualina towers, the place looks like a Rolls Royce dealership. The restaurant is as fancy as it gets. A Maitre'd welcomes you, while a captain (server) guides you through culinary wonderland.

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Sit down and before you even have the chance to glance at a menu, you're overwhelmed with options. Two baskets of bread, a slab of parmiggiano, fried zucchini, bruschetta with mussels, and spicy salami make for the perfect antipasti. And it's all complimentary.

Order and your pasta gets prepped and sautéed table-side, your branzino sliced fresh, and professionally cleaned so there's no waste. These are all very difficult things to do while wearing a tuxedo, with a white shirt nonetheless, and executed with nothing less than impeccable tact. The same as the food.

A cheesy welcome makes you feel giddy, and excited for the meal that awaits.

Caprese features fresh buffalo mozzarella with sliced tomato and basil. Other appetizer options include a classic spinach salad with bacon and mushrooms, mussels with white site sauce or spicy marinara, or parpadelle pomodoro drenched in fresh tomato and basil sauce (pictured below). Possibly the best cooked pasta I've ever eaten. You can attribute that to the tableside sautee.


Location Info

Il Mulino New York

17875 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach, FL

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