Sandbar's Five-Pound Burrito: Extreme Eating in the Grove

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Courtesy Coconut Grove Grapevine
This burrito is approximately the same weight as a Chihuahua.
It's listed right there on the Sandbar Sports Grill menu along with chicken wings, smoked fish dip, and hurricanes. Coconut Grove's very own Man vs. Food challenge.

A five-pound burrito (in your choice of chicken or steak) is offered for $24.95, along with the message:

Everything but the kitchen sink! You eat it, and we will put your name on the wall! WE DARE YOU!

Last evening, three local men took that dare (after all, it is written in caps), with only one victorious (if you can call consuming a five pound burrito in under an hour victorious).

Coconut Grove Grapevine reported that the three men, Tom Schaefer, Nate Melvin, and Sean Meyer accepted the challenge this past Wednesday. On the line? Bragging rights, a $50 bar tab, and your name on the wall. Plus, the burrito is free if you finish it, which adds another 25 bucks to the prize kitty.

Courtesy Coconut Grove Grapevine
Tom Schaefer emerges victorious.
In the end, there can be only one champion burrito eater. Tom Schaefer ate the whole burrito in about 50 minutes. According to the Grapevine, when asked how he felt, the burrito-eating wonder said, "I cannot move right now!" Spoken like a true champ... or a boa constrictor.

If you think you're up for the challenge (or you're simply into extremely large burritos), the five-pound burrito is available any time at Sandbar.

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