Burger Beast Blogiversary Party: Pig's Head, Rapicavoli, and Mojo Donuts

Morgan Golumbuk
The Blogiversary scene
Sef Gonzalez isn't just the Burger Beast of food blog fame. He's the sultan of stick-to-your-ribs food, the powerhouse of pastelitos, and Miami's all-seeing, all-eating king of comfort food. Last night, at Sakaya Kitchen Downtown, the king himself mingled with his loyal foodie followers at his five-year Blogiversary party, a tribute to his half-decade of survival and a toast to his continued gastronomic reign.

Dessert was the first course, with key lime pie from Miss Pieami making rounds among the six seated guests. Gonzalez told a vivid story about playing a prank on a friend with none other than Hellboy's Guillermo del Toro.

Briefly pausing to take a phone call, he soon dove back into his raucous tale -- and the next round of food. A palm-sized white and milk chocolate chip cookie barely skimmed the surface of the table before he snatched it up, broke off a piece for a preliminary sniff, smiled for the camera, and popped it into his mouth. The cookie passed the boss' taste test and continued down the table.

Morgan Golumbuk
The double "Beast" burger with tots
Right about the time I got my own bite of the freshly made treat, my Sakaya Kitchen entrée arrived: a double "Beast" bulgogi burger with tater tots, piled high with pork, cucumbers, and plenty of rich, melted cheese. Then Gonzalez mentioned his next big event, Croquetapalooza.

On March 1, 2014, Croquetapalooza will feature ten restaurants competing for the title of "Best Croqueta in Miami." Gonzalez described the croqueta preparation station -- sure to be a fan favorite -- with gusto.

Morgan Golumbuk
Sef, the man of the hour.
"You'll pick two of your favorite croquetas," he said animatedly. "And they'll make them into a sandwich!"

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Sakaya Kitchen Downtown

125 SE 3rd Ave., Miami, FL

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