The Forge's Miami Spice Dinner Menu: Best Bargain?

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The Forge's cucumber martini.
It is not unheard of to spend $100 to $200 (or more) per person on dinner at the Forge, which makes the restaurant's Miami Spice menu that much more appealing.

The place has been around since 1969 -- much longer than the term foodie has been part of our vernacular. It is an iconic piece of Miami history, and as Lee Klein once said, "The Forge is as famous as any South Florida restaurant not named Joe's Stone Crab."

Photo by Patricia Corp
Barbecue lamb spare ribs? Yes, please!
At $39 per person, the Forge's Miami Spice dinner menu offers a true dining deal when you also consider that the delectable pomegranate barbecue lamb spareribs appetizer and filet mignon entrée are included, and we'll tell you why.

The Miami Spice menu at the Forge includes three appetizers to choose from, including the aforementioned pomegranate spare ribs, which are to die for, a "Forge style" Caesar salad, and a chilled shrimp gazpacho. One of the reasons we find the Forge's Spice dinner to be such a bargain is the inclusion of the lamb spare ribs, which cost $15 on the regular menu and leave you wishing that there was a lamb spare ribs entrée.

Photo by Patricia Corp
The Forge's filet mignon is like butter in your mouth.
Second, as we mentioned before, is the filet mignon entrée. Sure, you can also choose from a peppercorn seared organic chicken breast, grilled salmon, and a corn meal seared snapper filet, but when you consider the facts that the filet mignon melts in your mouth, that steak entrees at the Forge run between $24 and $55, and that Wine Spectator chose these same steaks as "best steak in America," going with the filet mignon is the definition of a no-brainer.

The Spice menu offers you the choice of two desserts, either a turron nougat cheesecake or a chocolate hazlenut layer cake. We decided to go off the menu for dessert since we had heard so much about the souffles, ordering the banana souffle. Although it was well-prepared and tasted decent, we were not blown away as expected.

We also sampled a few reds and had a cucumber martini. As far as libations go, we don't have a single complaint. And the sommelier is willing and more than able to help.

The Forge's Miami Spice dinner menu lets the average Miamian see how the other half lives. It is available for dinner every night but Saturday, so hurry over.

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The Forge Restaurant/Wine Bar

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This is royal dining at its best. I felt like a queen when I was treated to dine at the Forge. The food was excellent. The service was the best! I would recommend The Forge to everyone who likes dining to be a perfect experience.

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