Gigi Hosts Pumpkin-Carving Contest for Staff (Photos)

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Carina Ost
A pumpkin eating pumpkin ramen in a pumpkin bowl with pumpkin seeds.
Gigi is really tapping into the Halloween spirit.

Until Thursday, the midtown restaurant will display pumpkins carved by its staff. But they're not just for show. The restaurant is hosting an employee carving contest. The winner will receive cash, a gift certificate, and a bottle of booze.

Chef Jose Valines says employees will even wear crazy costumes on Halloween.

Photo courtesy of Jose Valines
This pumpkin is smokin' hot.
One of the greatest creations comes from Valines, a man who clearly has knife skills. He was stoked to receive this giant white pumpkin, so he created a visual masterpiece.

Carina Ost
Bury us now.
On display at the restaurant, there's also a chocolate graveyard cake.

Carina Ost
Enjoy the spirit while it lasts.
New pumpkins will be added regularly, so check them out and let the staff know which one is your favorite.

After all, there's a serious prize at stake. These carved pumpkins might not last, but their spirit will live on through booze, booty, and gifts. Muhahahaha.

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