Gordon Biersch to Close Brickell Location

Gordon Biersch
After over a deacade, Gordon Biersch is closing.
Rumors were circulating that Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant might close its sole Miami location all through the summer, but until now they were shot down by the brewpub chain's spokespeople. When we didn't spot the restaurant at this past weekend's Grovetoberfest, that should have been a dead giveaway.

Yesterday, however, the news was confirmed. Gordon Biersch will close its Brickell location on November 1, 2013.

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In an email to Short Order, the company cited the Brickell restaurant's financial difficulties as the reason for the closure:

Gordon Biersch is closing its Brickell Avenue location in Miami as of November 1st due to adverse economic conditions at that location. Gordon Biersch will continue its focus on well-crafted beer and food at its remaining 34 locations across the US. Gordon Biersch has offered some of the team members of Gordon Biersch Miami opportunities with our other restaurants across the country and the remainder of our team members will receive company support through severance and our employee assistance program.

The Chattanooga-based brewery restaurant first popped onto the Miami scene in summer of 2000, long before Brickell had its current surge of restaurants. In a review dated October 12, 2000, Lee Klein called the preppy crowd that flocked to the bar for an after-work brew, "the sort of clientele that would feel comfortable comparing business-card fonts with Christian Bale in American Psycho."

With the beer scene in Miami reaching an all-time high, it's ironic to see one of our first brew-centric establishments close down for good.

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Location Info

Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant - CLOSED

1201 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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robert.n.nielsen topcommenter

Sad to see it go. One of the few places in my hood that wasn't all about image and over priced drinks. Laid back environment and no stupid dress codes. The kind of place you could go for a brew after a long day of work. The food wasn't great but the atmosphere was.

With the closing of this and Hoxton I hope something new and exciting will pop up in Brickell. Not another fucking Ultra Lounge.

Kristofer Jesus Castellar
Kristofer Jesus Castellar

Actually If I can retract my comment . . . Montaditios is alright in Brickell. But that's it!!!

Kristofer Jesus Castellar
Kristofer Jesus Castellar

Brickell is still shit, and overrated/ priced, and full of crap . . . I can't stress this enough

Amanda Maria
Amanda Maria

Kevin Lewis I saw that in the newspaper! Can't believe it. We gotta tell mike lol

Vladan Selakovic
Vladan Selakovic

Puis je vous aider pres d'ici l'equipement d'assaut sans triste Dorn,proche la chaise moyennant tenir la resoir fort propre,etes vous e cet egard Ellite?

Chris S. Kilibarda
Chris S. Kilibarda

Miami needs more options for tap beer. Sorry but beer in a bottle sucks

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

GB, dig the beer but never liked the food.

Sam Wright
Sam Wright

Interesting? Beer popularity is higher in Miami than I have ever seen it, yet this. Hmm...I would say the scene is not attracting the beer connoisseurs

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