London's Borough Market: The World's Most Amazing Food Court (Photos)

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac
In the London district of Southwark, there stands a massive emporium of eating; a world-famous landmark, a bounty of gourmet delights since the 19th century known as Borough Market. Tables piled high as far as the eye can see with plump, pink radishes; brilliant emerald-colored lettuce; periwinkle carrots; fragrant, golden mushrooms; soil-dusted beets, hearty gourds -- and that's just one lone produce seller.

The entire expanse consists is 14,000-square-feet of food shopping, the likes of which you've never seen. Wide-eyed filets of bass; creamy, ivory cheeses; blackberry, passion fruit and black currant ciders; cocoa-dusted truffles and flaky pastries; crimson-hued steaks; fragrant, simmering stews; pillowy English Muffins and voluptuous breads. Publix, it ain't.

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This awe-inspiring ode to all things edible is a London landmark, spilling over with locals and tourists alike. While they're open almost every day, Saturday is when hoards of shoppers come pouring in from near and far.


Though you may have heard rumblings from fellow foodies about this world famous buffet --- nothing can possibly prepare you for the sensory overload of awesome. It's the best of the best in produce, meats, cheeses, chocolates, seafood, take away meals and anything else you've ever craved.

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