OTC in Brickell: Forging a New Identity

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Jacob Anaya's yellowtail snapper with roasted parsnips and parsnip purée
It's impossible to miss the mimosas at OTC, the year-old Brickell sensation. On a recent Sunday morning, they adorn every table on the porch like fizzy orange vases. The line of patrons is equally obvious. A young crowd clusters by the restaurant's counter and forms a string of cool kids that extends past the double doors.

Perhaps these customers are waiting for Jacob Anaya's slow-poached eggs, cooked in an immersion circulator until their yolks ooze loose and golden. Or maybe they're sticking around for his Okinawan fries -- purplish batons of sweet potato served alongside a sharp tamarind sauce.

Most likely, though, they're here for the drinks.

During OTC's brunch, unlimited mimosas cost only $20 per person.

Beer replaces champagne as the place's most popular drink every other day of the week. OTC, which stands for "Over the Counter," proffers a wide variety of craft brews, such as Founders Brewing Co.'s stout, Cigar City Maduro, and Dogfish Head's prized 60 Minute IPA. The restaurant presents silverware in Mason jars and plates most meals on wooden planks. It hosts tap takeovers, supports Florida brewers, and cooks burgers, sliders, and mac 'n' cheese.

In short, there's a part of OTC that's like every other gastropub in town. When it opened last year, the casual spot mostly played it safe -- serving grilled cheese, caesar salad, charcuterie, and pan-seared tuna with spring mix greens. It lured the corporate Brickell clique, the kind of people who reside in high-rises and love a good brunch special, happy hour, or ladies' night.

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OTC: Over the Counter

1250 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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