Miami's Top Ten Wackiest Sushi Rolls

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Carina Ost
The heat is on a roll.
Miami, you take food fusions to a whole other level.

You have pastelito hamburgers, sweet plantain ice cream, and Chinese bao buns stuffed with lechón asado. But you're even crazier when it comes to sushi.

What follows are the top ten wackiest sushi rolls in Miami. In this list, you'll find bagels, chicharrón, ceviche, and plantain-stuffed sushi. So grab your chopsticks and dig in.

Carina Ost
If you like coconut shrimp rolls and getting caught in the rain.
10. Coconut Shrimp Roll at Doraku
For a taste of the tropics, grab hold of this coconut shrimp roll ($12.75) at Doraku. It features coconut-crusted fried black tiger prawns. It's wrapped up with avocado and scallions, then topped with coconut milk and a mango juice reduction.

Carina Ost
Curry over California.
9. Rock Shrimp Tempura Maki at Makoto
California may be famous for its eponymous sushi roll, but Miami adds more spice to it. This rock shrimp tempura maki ($14) at Makoto features fried shrimp and curry aioli over a California roll. It's a roll like no other. The aroma of Japanese curry is striking. And the flavor packs an equal punch. It offers a rich juxtaposition to the sashimi served at this refined restaurant.

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Mixtura Peruvian Restaurant

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Nemesis Urban Bistro - CLOSED

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