Trader Joe's: The Ten Best Pumpkin Products

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Photos by Laine Doss
Trader Joe's hasn't been open in Pinecrest a week, but that hasn't stopped the tiki-themed grocer from becoming the buzz of the community.

Even though there were some bumps in the road (like cars being towed from the next-door Burger King lot), last Friday the store was filled with happy shoppers who prowled the aisles in search of moshi ice cream and prewashed kale. That was all well and good, but we were on a mission to find pumpkin-flavored treats.

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After all, the store's Fearless Flyer threw down the pumpkin gauntlet by featuring the autumn treat so prominently. "All Things Pumpkin: Pumpkin in All Things" it boldly proclaimed on the cover of the October issue that found its way into my mailbox.

So we foraged through the TJ pumpkin patch to find the great pumpkin of products. We uncovered every conceivable item -- pumpkin in crackers, in yogurt, and in soups. Pumpkins for eating, pumpkins for slathering on your skin, and pumpkins for decorating. Here are the tastiest items we discovered.

10. Halloween Joe Joe's
OK, so they're not pumpkin-flavored, but these jack-o'-lantern chocolate sandwich cookies are a better treat than the big-name brand that children (and laboratory rats) love so much. Made with dried cane sugar, they're chewier, more flavorful, and taste fresher than the popular brand. Oh, and they're cuter and cheaper ($2.99)!

9. Pumpkin Soup
So it's 90 degrees outside. Turn up the A/C and heat up a box of this rich soup. We like to add a dollop of sour cream and some fresh chives before serving. At $1.79, it's a great lunchtime pumpkin fix to take to the office.

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Alex Rizo
Alex Rizo

Yesenia Rizo cool article B-)

Daniel Convers
Daniel Convers

OMG, a new Publix is gonna open too. Let's go camp out you guys!

Leslie Azor
Leslie Azor

Paty Damera Pumpkin coffee? I missed that one on my pumpkin run. Mmm....

Short Order
Short Order

María Isabel Cabré-Delfino, we'll just have to go back and try it! (We're not complaining.)

Paty Damera
Paty Damera

Leslie Azor I missed the pumpkin coffee...I'm going back! Lol

Joseph F. Carney III
Joseph F. Carney III

they did the same thing in Asheville, too much store not enough parking, forcing patrons to park next door at the new harris teeter...seems like a plan....No trader Joes for me.

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