Underground Dining Guide: Kulinary Therapy to Cobaya to Shelley-belly to Copperbox

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Kulinary Therapy cooks vegetable-driven meals.
Underground dinners and pop-up events are two very different things.

When you sign up for a pop-up, you know where you'll be dining, what you'll be eating, and who will be cooking your meal.

Underground dinners -- also known as supper clubs -- are planned clandestinely. You might pay for a seat before knowing the exact location, menu, or chef. One supper club requires a secret password for access. Some are by invitation-only.

What follows is a guide to underground dining in Miami. You probably don't know much about these mysterious places. But that's OK.

That's kind of the point.

Kulinary Therapy
These vegetable-driven dinners are the newest addition to Miami's underground scene. The first event took place in July, featuring a nose-to-tail lamb meal. Since then, Kulinary Therapy has hosted a variety of suppers -- with themes ranging from monochromatic dishes to a vegan feast prepared in conjunction with local artist David Le Batard. Joshua Marcus, the chef and owner of Josh's Deli, is the brains behind the operation. Events are invite-only, BYOB, and cost about $45. Check out Kulinary Therapy's Twitter page for updates.

Last year, Cobaya scored a spot on Bizarre Foods America. Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern attended an event at the Mandarin Oriental's restaurant Azul. So yeah, Cobaya is kind of a big deal. The premise? Uncomplicated: Chefs can cook whatever the hell they want. Are you allergic to wheat, peanuts, or beets? Well, then this might not be the event for you.

To attend, sign up for the group's mailing list. You'll receive emails about upcoming dinners. But don't expect too much information in advance. You'll get the location and name of the chef only one day before the event. Cobaya was founded by a group of food bloggers, and previous dinners have been hosted by Andrew Carmellini, Antonio Bachour, and Michael Pirolo. Cobaya dinners typically cost $85 to $100.

Location Info

Josh's Delicatessen and Appetizing

9517 Harding Ave., Surfside, FL

Category: Restaurant

Copperbox Culinary Atelier

3328 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Lin Jeffries

we hardly eat out any longer. Just dont trust the kitchens or the employees in the kitchens these days!

Jessica Ardente
Jessica Ardente

Shelley-belly's underground dining experience is unbelievable! I had the pleasure of being chosen to attend earlier this year, and I hope to be able to participate again soon!


Copperbox is an absolute joke. Total amateurs. It's basically a glorified dinner party with an overly ambitious home cook.

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