Batch Gastropub Nears Completion; Michael Reidt to Create Menu

Courtesy of Batch
Colors change at the Batch bar.
Batch Gastropub is preparing for an early December opening, which is good news indeed for partners Kevin Danilo and Jerry Flynn, who have been working on bringing their vision of a true gastropub to Miami for years now.

On a recent visit, Danilo and Flynn were putting the finishing touches on the Brickell space, which includes a custom built quartz bar that changes colors, a wood-burning oven, and the coolest hand dryers ever seen in a public bathroom (hint: they both wash and dry your hands at the same time).

Seven tasting tables will feature personal taps that allow guests to pour themselves a craft beer or cocktail via an onboard Android tablet. Those tablets will also allow people to send drinks to other tables.

The name of the restaurant is derived from the pub's signature cocktails, which will be pre-batched in five-gallon nitrogen-enriched kegs. The cocktails, served draft style, serve a few purposes. Partner Kevin Danilo explains that this will make for a more balanced, consistent drink and will also allow some cocktails to be carbonated directly instead of adding soda water (and diluting the product).

As interesting as the cocktails and the decor is the menu...and the chef who is helping to create it and mentor the two chefs heading up the kitchen.

Chef Michael Reidt, formerly of Area 31, is working on the menu and kitchen development, while also working on his own restaurant, Pilgrim. Reidt is joined in the kitchen by Adrian Talavera and Pablo Zitzmann, who will take over reigns as co-chefs. Talavera, a west coast native, has worked at California's King's Fish House, Gladstone's, and Studio Diner. Zitzmann's kitchen experience includes stints at Nobu, Sra. Martinez, Crave,and Bloom.

Reidt told Short Order that although Batch may seem different than his most recent gig, there are more similarities than you think. For one, Batch Gastropub will source ingredients as locally as possible. "I think anybody who's doing a responsible restaurant these days is using local products, otherwise otherwise you're not going to succeed in this market. You have to take care of your neighbors. It's all about community."

The chef says he hates the word gastropub, mostly because it's been overused. "Everyone uses gastropub, but we wanted to make sure we stayed true to what the concept really is --an atmosphere and decor that may be more rustic, but with food that retains the "DNA" of a fine dining establishment. For instance, chicken wings, a bar food staple, will be confit instead of "freezer-to-fryer" and macaroni and cheese will be made with gnocci and allow for guests to add pork belly and vegetables.

Menu items will include blistered pedrona chilis with Florida Keys sea salt $8.50); tater skins with salmon tartare, jicama, and wasabi ($12); coffee rubbed pork belly with pumpkin and cranberry jam ($12.50); crispy sweetbreads with black bean cassoulet ($14.50), and smoked duck and short rib "meatloaf" with Brussels sprouts and cotija cheese ($23.50). There will also be wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.

Danilo says he and and Flynn have put everything they have into this venture. "We're small business owners who are trying to compete with a lot of big fish in the neighborhood. We just want people to give us a shot."

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Thanks so much for stopping by Laine, it was truly a pleasure speaking with you. We hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we enjoyed giving it and we can't wait to have you in to try some of our cocktails and true gastropub cuisine.

As always, everyone can follow us on social media @batchmiami or can check us out on the interweb at  We should be open in a few weeks and we hope everyone will stop by to say hi, we promise to bend over backwards to provide the best possible product with the best possible customer service. Please feel free to reach out to us with any comments or questions at Cheers!


My question is what cocktails are meant to be carbonated "directly" via a co2 or nitrogen tank?  Mixed drinks and carbonated beverages like beer and champagne are two different things.  Taking away a "mixer" as opposed to carbonating a house recipe of a specific 5 gallon batch of a "house cocktail" isn't necessarily adding value to a drink.  Should be interesting.  One can easily mess up a single cocktail, but with a 5 gallon batch the stakes are higher for sure.  


@Temujin Hi Temujin, thanks for your comments! There are a few different factors in play here, so we'll try to tackle a few of them...for more info shoot us an email at, we'll get you in for a VIP tour of the science lab and get you samples!

With a fully carbonated beverage, you are able to get a higher amount of dissolved CO2 into a beverage. In a vodka/tonic, for example, you have flat vodka, flat tonic syrup, ice dilution and only soda water to carbonate it, with a carbonated batch everything is uniformly carbonated at a specific PSI to provide the optimal carbonation. Nitrogen on the other hand won't carbonate a beverage because it doesn't easily get absorbed by liquid. That being said, nitrogen is great because as an inert gas it prevents oxidation (like with compressed argon wine preservation kits), so it retains the integrity of a batched cocktail. The value that is added is multifaceted, first, we have the ability to carbonate a drink and create a new flavor profile for drinks where that is traditionally impossible, like a cosmopolitan for example. Second, we can provide a quality cocktail with near 100% consistency in a significantly shorter timeframe. Lastly, the economies of scale allow us to product the products at a lower cost which in turn we can pass along to YOU, so viola, we can serve you a unique cocktail consistently and quickly, at a lower price! Hope this helped you understand our concept, and thanks for your interest in Batch.

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