Bulldog Barbecue and Burger's Brunch: Brisket Hash and Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict (Photos)

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Ily Goyanes
Pulled pork eggs benedict: It's what's for brunch.
At Bulldog Barbecue and Burger in North Miami, chef Howie Kleinberg consistently crosses the line between traditional and innovative. And this style is embodied perfectly in his pulled pork eggs benedict ($14).

This brunch classic comes with a twist. It pairs an English muffin with pulled pork and a poached egg. It gets a kick from a flavorful spread of chipotle hollandaise.

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"Chipotle peppers allow you to incorporate the flavors of barbecue, like smoke, without barbecuing. You get the edge of the smoke without using the smoker. Chipotle is something I go back to a lot," says Kleinberg.

Ily Goyanes
Shrimp and grits done right.
His take on shrimp and grits ($16) is more traditional. He pairs cheddar grits with chunks of tomato, ham, large shrimp, and loose kernels of sweet corn. It's dressed in red-eye gravy and topped with a fried egg.

Ily Goyanes
Savory smoked brisket hash.
If you enjoy savory breakfasts, try the smoked brisket hash ($14). It features diced brisket, Yukon gold potatoes, and a fried egg.

Ily Goyanes
Fried chicken and cornmeal waffles.
A favorite among brunchonistas, Bulldog's chicken and waffles dish ($15) couples two pieces of fried chicken with cornmeal waffles. The plate is smothered in bacon gravy and chili honey.

Bulldog Barbecue and Burger's brunch is offered on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.. The regular menu is available as of noon.

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Bulldog Barbecue and Burger

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Freda Bentz
Freda Bentz

This restaurant is amazing. I've tried different dishes but the shrimp and grits are totally awesome. No matter what you order you will not be disappointed but you will be impressed.


@M.C. Falugo I've eaten there several times and not once have I had a 'bad meal.' There are some items I like more than others, definitely. I specifically love the ribs, burgers, and shrimp and grits. What have you tried there?

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