Xixon: Great Gulas, Gazpacho, and Beef Cheeks

All photos by Carla Torres
Gambas y gulas al ajillo at Xixon.
Small plates have taken Miami by storm. It's a great way to eat. And there's no better place to tapear than Xixon. At this Spanish restaurant, you can find a selection of over 50 small plates.

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The family-owned restaurant has been around for nearly a decade. It had two incarnations before landing in their current space -- an airy corner on Coral Way.

They offer many Spanish classics: tortilla de patata, boquerones en vinagre, patatas bravas, pulpo a la gallega, croquetas de bacalao, and more. My recommendation? Start the meal with some gazpacho.

I'd love to find a gazpacho that's better than my mom's -- just to be able to rub it in her face as a joke. But that's never happened.

During a recent visit to Xixon, however, I found a good contender. Served with diced tomatoes and onions, the gazpacho ($6.50) was well balanced and boasted a perfect amount of acidity. Had there been some hard boiled eggs added, I would have been blown away.

Gambas al ajillo is a traditional Spanish dish -- and so are gulas (mock baby eels). They aren't the same thing as angulas -- fresh young eels. Gulas are the more affordable imitation, kind of like imitation crab.

Never tried them? Now's the time. At Xixon, you can order gambas y gulas al ajillo ($13.50). I like to stuff them in the middle of some bread like a little sandwich.

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Xixon Spanish Cuisine

2101 Coral Way, Coral Gables, FL

Category: Restaurant

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